Love, happiness, fun,friendship These are the qualities we all look for in dating relationships

However, in violent relationships these qualities are missing.

Physical abuse in dating can involve sexual assault, rape, slapping, punching, shoving, kicking, cutting, choking, smothering and biting.

Healthy relationships are based on the belief that two people in a relationship are partners with equal rights to have their needs met with equal responsibility for a success of the partnership. In this equity belief system, violence is not an option because violence violates the rights of one partner and jeopardizes the success of the relationship. The dignity of both partners are built up in a relationship built on equality.

Non Threatening Behavior:

Talking so that you feel comfortable. Expressing yourself and doing things. Acting so you feel safe.


Listening to you non judgmentally. Valuing your opinions. Being emotionally affirming and understanding.

Trust and Support:

Respecting your right to have your own feelings, friends activities and opinions. Supporting your goals in life.

Honest and Accountability:

Accepting responsibility for self. Acknowledge past use of violence. Admitting being wrong. Communicating openly and truthfully.

Negotiation and Fairness:

Seeking mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict. Accepting change.

Responsible Parenting:

Being a positive, non-violet role model for children. Sharing Parental responsibilities.

Shared Responsibility:

Mutually agreeing on a FAIR distribution of work. Making family decisions together.

Economic Partnership:

Making money decisions together. Making sure both partners benefit from financial arrangements.