So many people see in death nothing but a cruel separation from loved ones. In death there is certainly the very real pain and sorrow of physical separation.

I personally feel that it is equally true that our loved ones remain with us.

(This is the way I coped with their deaths)

I did not want to feel they just went off to a dark & distant place. I feel they simply continue into external life. We don’t see them because we are still in the darkness of this world.

I have often reflected upon this and found it to be the greatest and surest comfort in time of my mourning. Having parents for so long makes you secretly hope that life will make an exception for you. Then it happens…

Aunt Rose Zweigle

Sister Mary Simonette, (Hilbert College)

Nephew Christopher Gatto

Dominick Manzo

God Father August Pegnia

God Mother Marilyn Pegnia

Giovanni Faso

Dr. Glenn A. McCain

Sister in Law Donna Gatto

James A. Brame

BFF Rob Bould

Cousin Tony Guzzo

Aunt Jeannie Pegnia

Cousin Rae Wyatt

Cousin Jo Ann Armada

Aunt Rose Pascale

Carol Cirrincione

Aunt Ginny White

Reverend John Thomas

Judge Eugene N. Salisbury

Mina Pascale

Mother In Law Lucy N. Piazza

Father In Law Joseph C. Piazza

Cousin Phyllis Piazza

Dacha you were My PURE LOVE.

1997 ~ 2010

BF Joan Glinter (Davis)

Beamer My Angelic FurBaby.

1998 ~ 2011

My Father

Joseph Viggiano

My Mother

Phyllis Viggiano