My Story

Tricia Piazza had the privilege of owning and operating her 6.000 square foot award winning salon, Club Park Avenue located in Hamburg, NY.

It was a dream she worked hard to make come true.

Being a single mother, running her business and designing her own clothing line took up much of her time but it paid off when she was awarded outstanding recognition by the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg, NY.

Tricia said “One of the most unforgettable and happy times that touched her heart was when she sent packages to our troops overseas from Club Park Avenue only to see the troops return home and personally come to thank their new found friends at Club Park Avenue.”

Receiving special recognition from March of Dimes for the “Up All Night Pajama Party” held at Club Park Avenue with Buffalo Bill Mark Maddox, marketing her black chow furbaby Buffalo Bear to become the Iam’s Dog Food Poster Dog with Buffalo Bill Andre Reed which appeared on posters all thru Western New York were just a few ways she gave back to her community.

For 10 years on Christmas Eve Quarterback Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills would autograph footballs for needy children that Tricia would find out about, then Tricia would hand deliver posters of Buffalo Bear & Buffalo Bill Andre Reed with autographed footballs from Jim Kelly.

“Man’s Knowledge of Women” was first published in 1988 as a 400 blank page novelty book, with proceeds going to the shrine she had built for her friend, Sister Simonette at Hilbert College in Hamburg, NY.

Tricia felt her business made a statement – that it was a Company with serious intentions to make a difference.

It was a commitment – it was a challenge to be met and she made it happen.

She admits when her business took #1 in the Country by Looking Fit Magazine for “The Best Design” it put her and her business on the map.

She contributed her success to God, her Mom, Dad, Daughter Ginamarie, Marge Hazen, Jessica Marshall, Connie Smith, Patti Schunk and all of her loyal customers.

Today she admits “I am not afraid nor ashamed to say that I am no stranger to domestic violence. I was a victim of being betrayed, beaten, punched, kicked, strangled and having someone snatch my happiness from me.

I had to remind myself that we all had been given a great power ~ Our Thoughts… I Used my power to transform my life.

I found that the deep abiding faith I had was the key that unlocked the doorway… but PRAYER was the key that opened the door that all my miracles came through. The longer I live the more time I will have to pursue the things that have made my life meaningful.

I’ve been told that it was the bumps in the road that defined my journey.

I am proud to say through sheer force of will and God I made myself take charge of my life once again.

Here’s hoping that we will help and inspire each other to become the powerful beings that we are meant to be.

Please help one another to hold on to their dreams.

Put your foot down and Break Free from your troubles

So this is my story.


It was during my personal journey that I knew I would consistently strive to be stronger, kinder and help empower women that was deserving. It’s part of my DNA.

I invite you to spend as much time as you like at WeBreakFree.

My goal is to provide each friend to my online store with the ease of accessing must have things. You are safe here.

At WeBreakFree its always a sunny day here, you don’t have to wear make up, you don’t have to look for that handicap parking space that is always taken, who cares if you have a broken nail, no big deal if the weather is bad, so what if you are having a bad hair day, there are no lines to wait in.

Park that wheel chair, grab a cup of coffee, water or wine, put your feet up, de-stress.

While my Ex husband was strangling me, his last words were “I cant wait to see you BAREFOOT and HOMELESS.”