Friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest… 

..It’s about who came and never left your side. I dedicate my life to you all. You have had a positive approach in my life that served as an on going source of energy and motivation for me. You were my inspiration when I became discouraged.

My Daughter Ginamarie…

Thank you to my beautiful daughter for always encouraging me to stand up for what was right. Thank you for being by my side and walking with me while I got to the next chapter of my life. Thank you for always being confident, passionate and unconventional in your fearless style.

My Husband Solly…

Thank you to my wonderful husband who has made a strong contribution to who I am today. His warmth, not so quiet strength and attitude has been a great influence in my life. I finally met my soulmate who changed the path of my life in more ways that I could have ever dreamed possible with his never ending love and patience. Thank you for keeping me safe and loved.

And A Very Special Thanks to…

Dr. Emanuel Graziano

Joseph Lombardo Sr.

Dr. Vahid Ghiasian

Ryan D’Andrea

Tom and Dawn Allen

Joshua Allen

Dr. Mark Goldstein

Dr. Janet Norton

William Graeber

Dr. Richard W. Maloney

Adam Smith, PhD.


Mecklenburg County Women’s Commission

The National Coalition of Domestic Violence

New Choices Strategies For Success

Council for Women

The Shelter for Battered Women

United Family Services Victim Assistance

 Shannon Bognovitz

Debbie Falco

Cindy Dorsey

Lyn Foulk

Laurie Glinter

Dr. Craig Fowler

Richard J. Miller, D.P.M.

Dr. Gary C. Rolband

Alyce Walker

Mike & Anieta Alini

Tim & Olga Haney

Annette Bleau

Ashley Gwynn

Captain Gregory L. Hawes

Alexis Napolitano

Jim Van Pelt

Mark Granquest

Cindy Dorsey

Steve Glinter

Captain Gregory L. Hawes

Michelle T. Hein

June M. Kimmel

Pat & Bob Davis

Shirleen Mitchell

Francine Puncillo

Monique R. Taylor

Ruthie Van Dunk

Sheri Hilton

Rose Vento

Sarah F. Wampler

Brenda Wells

David & Linda Mercaldo

Lyn & Fred Stornelli

Lynn Luckey

Jacqueline Luckey

Marilyn Pegnia

Michelle T. Hein

Ronn Pegnia

Shell Washam

Susan Sullivan

Attorney Daniel Sperrazza

Sergeant Vicky Suarez

Linda Roberts

Francine Pucillo, Poet

Carol Berger & Phieffer

Thank you to all the survivors and victims, who I dedicate my life to. Each and every one has had a positive impact on my life.